A Lost Gem: Diving Into The Cult Classic Fighter ‘Breaker’s Revenge’

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Breakers Revenge is a sequel to 1996’s Breakers. It seemed just one of so many games that flooded the market using Street Fighter 2 as its inspiration. Being among a sea of 2D fighters with such a similar look and feel, it understandably faded into obscurity. (more…)

Holding Up To Today’s Standards: A Tough Look At ‘Super Street Fighter II Turbo’

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Street Fighter 2 dropped in 1991, 25 years ago this month, revolutionizing the way we played video games. It was such a phenomenal change to not only the way we played, but the way we thought of both multiplayer games & the 2D plane.  (more…)

Timeless Classics: Enjoying ‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future’

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Recently, I decided to sit down with the classic fighting game title JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. This title is almost 20 years old, having released in Japan in 1998, and has had several ports & updates over the years. The initial version was JoJo’s Venture. It spawned the “Heritage for the Future” update that followed in 1999, a Dreamcast & Playstation port of the 1999 version and a HD update released for PSN & XBLA in 2012. (more…)