Evo 2017: Dragon Ball FighterZ, an FGC Spirit Bomb

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Fighting game and Dragon Ball fans alike have been excited for this game — and Evo only stoked the fires.

LAS VEGAS — Ever since E3, fans have been chomping at the bit for any Dragon Ball FighterZ news they can get their hands on. It was no shock that once the game was announced to be available at Evo this weekend, fighting game players from all over lined up to finally experience it for themselves. Between the fan excitement and some interesting developer comments, Evo weekend was a great place for any DBFZ fan.


FGC Painter Captures the Scene’s Spirit on Canvas

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The Fighting Game Community is a unique place, and this painter is capturing its spirit via art.

The fighting game community tends to be a diverse place, creating a mixed palette of personalities and faces. The range of distinct community faces makes the scene feel more vibrant and inclusive, and has actually inspired one man to paint the faces that have become staples of the scene. This painter’s name is Adam “P Diddle” Padilla, check out how he’s been using the FGC as his own personal muse.

One of the Subtle Successes of Combo Breaker

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Combo Breaker may be one of the biggest FGC tournaments of the year, but part of what makes it a success comes from something much less visible.

This past Memorial Day weekend, the FGC was once again enthralled by Combo Breaker. The event manages to consistently be one of the best fighting game events of the year, with a grassroots nature that somehow meshes perfectly with its premier esports stage. Many players had the most fun time they’ll have all year, and that is amazing enough by itself.


Punk’s Confident as Ever — And That’s a Good Thing

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This past week much of the fighting game community has been engrossed with talks of one player in the Street Fighter V scene: Panda Global’s Victor “Punk” Woodley. He just took first at the Capcom Pro Tour event Dreamhack Austin, making it the second Capcom Pro Tour event he’s won this month (the first being NCR). After going up against some of the fiercest competition in the scene today — players such as Ricki Ortiz, Haitani, Xian and Justin Wong, among others — his domination seemed clear.