The Untapped Potential of Angel’s Color Palette in King of Fighters XIV

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SNK’s King of Fighters series tends to be more mindful of color palettes than Street Fighter, but that hasn’t always been the case. It wasn’t really until KOF XI that the series started setting it’s mind to diverse palettes. Before then, from KOF 98 all the way up through KOF 2002, colors seemed to be made just for the sake of making it different in some way. (more…)

The Subtle Allure of Balrog’s Street Fighter V Color Palette

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One of the most important aspects of a fighting game–outside of the gameplay–is the selection of color palettes for its characters. Colors define much of how we perceive and feel about a fighting game before we even start playing, and they have a lasting impact once we grow accustomed to our title of choice. The character we choose acts as our avatar and our outlet for competition. Having a varied selection of good palettes helps the player connect more strongly to their character, making them feel more unique among other people using that same fighter.