Sitting Down with the Team Behind Upcoming Indie Fighter “Punch Planet”

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The world of indie gaming is always an interesting place. The norms of game creation and the formulas of game design we have come to expect just do not apply. Paying attention to successful indie titles is a fascinating endeavor, and today we have our eyes set on the latest independent project to visit the fighting game scene: Punch Planet.

Interview with Carbon Gray: Experiences of a Female Cosplayer

Note: Originally uploaded on ShoryukenPost has been slightly altered from original upload.

Combo Breaker is still fresh in everyone’s mind. The event was a blast for me personally, an experience I deeply and thoroughly enjoyed, and that’s a sentiment I’m sure many of the rest of the attendees would agree with. Unfortunately, not every member of the community was able to find the same level of enjoyment. I sat down with a cosplayer I met at the event, someone who was completely new to the fighting game community, and talked with her about her initial experiences and her takeaway from the event and the people she met. (more…)